What Is Called Search Engine Friendly Or SEO Friendly Website?

Every website owner wants to see their site in top results of search engine. For more business every site wants to achieve high page rank in it which provide visibility to it. So, online marketers have to implement SEO efforts in them to make it more user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. These contain less flash images and contains more text information. It makes easy for search engine spider to understand the site because the spider ignores the flash components and gives more importance to text related content. If the spider finds more flash related content on site then it is not able to achieve high ranking in the engines.


To build search engine friendly website, the site owners have to concentrate on its aesthetic look as well as make sure that it gets high ranking in SE by inserting Meta Tags which includes appropriate Title, Description and Keywords in all the pages of the splash screen. In this way, the spider easily indexes your site according to search engine algorithm and gives results in the way of web traffic. Once your site is crawled by SE, it takes the site’s information from Meta tag and gives page rank to it on basis of that information. So, Meta tag is the most important part of search engine optimization techniques. Opal Infotech – a SEO web design company in India is giving its views on SE amiable site and discussing few points on it.

  • The web page Title should be easy to understand, suitable and well descriptive to its purpose. In this, the Title is used to describe the information which is held by its content. Its titles are most important for site because it is the first thing which is seen by SE users in their results.
  • Meta tag description is another important thing. It is seen just below the title of the site and explains the page information. It contains two to three sentences which are filled by site related keywords and describes the aim of the page.
  • Always use SE amiable URLs for the web page of the site. For any site, it is most important that the site URLs contain the main keyword of that particular page. It is most important factor of ranking in SE.
  • Take care of H1 heading to H4 heading in your web page content. Heading is important for readers and search engines also. Always use the site’s most important keyword in heading of its content because it plays vital role in page ranking. This gives importance to heading in priority. H1 is level 1 heading and it is most important for SE then level 2 heading H2, then H3 and then H4.
  • Concentrate on keywords density of the content. Try to use the most relevant keywords in starting two lines of the article because it provides great benefit to web pages. The site content have to contain relevant keywords in it but never fill your content with full of keywords. Otherwise Google will consider the site as spamming site and can ban it.
  • Update your site with most related articles and content because content is King in search engine marketing. Good and informative content gives more benefits to it to achieve high rank in SE.

The above points help to design a SE amiable site enabling it to achieve good results in organic results.

How to Design SEO Friendly Website?

If you own a site but is not able to get targeted traffic and generate business, then that site is not called as a successful website. This is the one which can retain visitors for a longer period of time and convert those visitors into customers by forming a reputed impression on them. A site can help your customer in easily navigating through your products and collect information relating to your products like prices, shipping details, payment gateways etc. The visitors can also contact you through your website. In short, it is a representative of your business which can generate business without geographical barriers.

A SEO amiable website gets high rank and so can get maximum number of visitors. Due to the high use of internet nowadays, people search for products and services on the internet and if your site is not getting listed on top positions in search engines, then you are missing the visitors who can be your clients in future. So, it becomes necessary to get SEO friendly web design services from a professional company who takes care that the web design and web development is done as per SEO standards set by search engines.

1) Never build website with only Flash technology: To make SEO amiable site, it is strictly recommended that do not use many Flash components. We know that flash design is only used for best visual appearance but the spider finds difficult to crawl Flash designs and just ignores it. So, make sure that your site is having a combination of Flash animations and text both. A combination of Flash technology and text content makes the site attractive & impressive and search engine affable than a complete Flash website.

2) Select search engine friendly URL for website: Use more search engine affable URLs for web pages of the website. For example having http://www.webmasterindia.com/flash_design.htm as a URL is better than http://www.webmasterindia.com/index.php/?id=125&product=1&cat=6. The URL with your service name makes more sense to the search engines as well as users. Even if lot many techniques have been implemented on it, but if the anchor text is not SEO favourable, then they may not get high ranking in search engines.

3) Use important keywords of website in tags: Place important keywords of it in Title tag, Meta tag, H1 tag, Alt tag in your site web pages. This is most important for any site to contain all relevant keywords in its pages which are used for search in major search engines. The key phrases play a vital role for site to achieve high page rank in search engine page results.

4) Write relevant content on website: Here, remember the old phrase “Content is King” in SEO. Relevant content is the key to achieve high ranking in search engines. These are always trying to provide the most relevant information to its users for their search. If this finds that its content in not related to the website keywords then it will not able to achieve high page rank in search engine results also after applying it stechniques for it.

5) Clean coding: The coding of your site must be clean and simple which is easy to understand by everyone. Always try to keep your file size less than 100KB because it becomes easy for the spider to read and understand faster than other websites.

SEO-affable web design services plays vital role for online marketers to grow their business wider than it is. If a website is not a SE favourable website then that business site has to face many problems to get its targeted traffic which brings sales for it. Opal infotech, web Design Company suggests you to hire the services provided by professional site couture Company who offers site styling amenity at a very competitive rate.