Work from Home Experience @ Opal Infotech

Coronavirus pandemic and compulsory lockdown has put many company employees to work from home, where it is feasible. Work from home is having many pros and cons and even it depends on the type of industry where you work. There are many benefits like you may have true independence to work which may increase your productivity; you can save time, money, energy, resources and also can become good communication expert with remote working. Here at Opal Infotech employees, working from home have shared their experience during Covid-19 lockdown that are quite inspiring.

Know About Work from Home Experience at Opal Infotech

Jigar Vyas –  Web Developer
“Looking life differently now. Never thought but can work more with better efficiency. Non-productive stress of commutation, food and staying away from family disappeared. Life is teaching something every time.”

Bipin Pandey – Marketing
"Different Feelings with Different working world. Experiencing power of self-discipline and self-motivation which makes me more & more productive."

Dhaval Alagiya – Digital Marketing
"Never thought of career in a family atmosphere. I can increase my knowledge, as I get enough time to explore new things. When I log off computer, I have more satisfaction of contributing in our customer’s growth."

Ravi Sharma – Digital Marketing
"Seems to be Challenging Initially. But if we have desire and support from family members, we can make it possible. Enjoying working towards goal of customer satisfaction."

Salman Mansuri – Digital Marketing
"Place does not matter, when you have a purpose. Glad to work from home with an objective of customers’ happiness. My saved energy and time from terrible traffic on route are being converted into more efficient work till late."

Vedant Shukla – Digital Marketing
"Adjusting fast with new atmosphere that is work from home. New routine encourages me to updating my knowledge, trying level best to satisfy customers needs and goals."

Mansi Ajwalia – Digital Marketing
"I can’t tell how satisfying it is to work from home in this situation for the benefits of clients which stimulates the brain where as many people are in such fields for whom WFH is not even possible. I’ve seen many companies which do not permit for WFH as they believe employees cannot work without being supervised. For me, WFH has increased ownership by being more focused & empowered."

Jignesh Acharya – Digital Marketing
"As a digital marketing professional, I have two challenges, one is to adjust and excel my skills by working from home and second is to keep my clients’ listing ahead of their competitors. Enjoying challenges."

Raj – Web Developer
"Growing through this experience!
On time Project completion is a challenge and working hard to achieve this objective."

Hiren Sonigra- Digital Marketing
"100% Dedication with Constant Efforts for Customer Growth. It’s new experience & learning time."

Shagufta Sindhi – Web Developer
"Frequent virtual meetings is the key to keep in touch with the team members to share the ideas & expedite projects. Never thought but the end of one thing is always beginning of another thing."