Dhvani Shares Life Experience on Her Birthday

Hi, I will try to express myself whatever the difference I have seen or I have learnt. In today’s generation people take work as a task like, this I have done, that I have done next what. Most of the people do it that way. Like time is running, I have to complete this and this much is remaining how I will manage.

I was working in the same direction may be then Jigney sir drawn my attention to the way I was looking at my work and tried to explained me not to take a stress and work. I started observing my way as he is the experienced person if he would have said something there must be some point that I am not doing in a direction in which I should do. That was the kick for me and then I started looking at my father, my uncle, my boss, my previous boss they all do work as a routine, there is no difference for them in between Sunday and Monday. The more we get involved, the better we can perform. For them it was always like this to complete work and time was not the constraint where as in today’s generation everyone wants to run behind time and just want to finish it off. From them I learnt, we should more focus on quality of work, our productivity that can give us more exposure than to have target to complete work on or before our working hours. Thank to all for your kind Birthday wishes.