Case Study – How an Italy based Non-Stick & Anti-Corrosion Coating Company was benefitted by Digital Marketing Strategy

What does a businessman want? Right strategy, proper guidance, constant feedback &reviews, after all investments don’t make any difference if they don’t increase the rate of interest of your business. Establishing a business comes with lot many challenges and one of the major difficulties a firm faces is promoting themselves at a wider level. Online presence is definitely a boon to a company, but it doesn’t stop there. A firm needs to promote themselves at every single media available. Today, we have another success story of an Italy based Non-stick & Anti-corrosion Coating Company who was benefitted with the help of our effective strategies for Google Ads, Google Remarketing & Search Engine Optimization.

Thought: Promoting Brands at Right Place & Right Timings is what matters the most.

Role of Opal Infotech as Digital Marketing Partner

Despite the company’s online presence and their innumerable attempts to promote themselves to the audience by different means, they couldn’t find online prospective customers who would entertain their services. Ultimately, when the company realized the need of organized promotions, they searched for a Digital Marketing Partner. This is when they came across Opal Infotech via Google search results. The company approached us with a hope to improve their current scenario.

In the year 2016, as an initiative towards promoting business online with our digital marketing services, the company chose to go for Alibaba Services as they felt it was the right platform for promoting B2B business. With the help of our team’s research and hard work, we could finally improvise their business listing in Alibaba platform.

Focus on Territory Existence

Since, the company was based in Italy, the primary focus was bringing up the company’s google rankings at a local scale to establish their existence in Italy. After span of a year, our digital marketing experts suggested the company to opt for Google Ads too. The client was initially hesitant about going for Google Ads services, but seeing the confidence of our committed team to help them in growing their business, they indulged in Google Ad services.

For running the company’s Google Ads, our digital marketing team went through lots of research and applied potential strategies. We also started taking feedback calls from the customer at every two weeks. As a result of constant monitoring, we could finally see an increase in their business and it strengthened our will power to put more efforts.

Overall Conversions

  • New Users Increased by 16.91%.
  • Sessions Increased by 21.86%.

Over All Conversion Cfor Italy Based Non-Stick Coating Company

Google Ads for Branding

The main objective of Google Ads for Branding strategy is to create brand awareness and increase the visibility of product and services. The expert digital marketers of Opal Infotech saw a potential growth by this means of marketing. We suggested the company to opt for this service. After few meetings on how this strategy would work and the manner of execution, the company gave a thumbs up to go for it.  We worked with dedication and aim to promote the company’s business at a wider level and focused on competitor analysis and different methods. After working on this strategy for a few months we could see the improvement in the company’s website and also saw increase in the client’s business.

Different Types of Google Ads


  • Conversions Increased by 155.32%.
  • 748 Visitors were diverted from competitor’s website with the help of Google Branding.

Google Branding for Italy Based Non Sticke Coating and Anti Corrosion Company

Thought: Trees that grow slow bear good fruits.

A Strategy that Turned Back the Website Visitors – Google Remarketing

Throughout these two strategies, our team of Digital Marketers had understood that the company’s business held the potential of growth more out of the local territory as compared to the current scenario. Our team also understood that it was time we should take another step to put more efforts in the client’s business. As a result, we decided to let the company know about another strategy which had a wider perspective and could take their online presence to another level – Google Remarketing. Google Remarketing is a way of reconnecting with the audience who have already visited your website and went back due to some reasons. In such cases, “Google Remarketing” works as an excellent way to remind customers about your website. After implementation of this strategy, we saw an increase in customer inquiries and it overwhelmed the company. The company was satisfied with our services, which ultimately gave us happiness too.


  • 5,30,635 Banners have been viewed.
  • Impressions increased by 21.76%.
  • Conversions increased by 1400%.

Google Remarketing for Italy Based Anti Corrosion Coating Company

Thought: Our Customer’s happiness is our happiness.

Moving on with SEO

Opal Infotech excels in complete digital marketing and our work speaks for itself. After execution of the above strategies, we advised the company to go for Search Engine Optimization. SEO increases the ranking of a website organically. Our previous advices and strategies had already satisfied the customer due to which this time there were no hesitations or queries while SEO promotion as the client was sure to have the better outcome with this. We took another step ahead, which benefitted our customer and the proof was seen with the increase in visibility in Google with different keyphrases, result improvements in terms of  visits, new users increased, avg session duration improved, improvement in goal conversions and overall progress of traffic from the company’s targeted customers.  


  • New users increased by 27.83%.
  • Sessions increased by 45.73%.

Search Engine Optimization for Italy Based No Stick Coating Company

Benefits to our Customer

Our constant strive to provide the best services to our customer eventually ended up profiting to the company’s business. Have a look to the ways the client was benefitted:

  • Ahead of competitors
  • Increased Brand value
  • Market Domination
  • Increased Organic Visibility
  • Increases profit

Thought: A small decision with right judgement always pays.

It is a proved fact that any decision no matter however small it is, with right judgement and right effort always pays.Opal Infotech is proud of its client’s success and looks forward to accompany their future escapade.