Case Study on How a Well Designed Online Portal Helped an E-Learning Institute in Managing Their Operations and Increasing Revenue

We are living in an era of technological evolution and new technological innovations keeps surprising us every day. With rapidly growing usage of internet and information technology, it has become important for every business to create their online presence. With the help of latest technology, every company is trying to provide convenience to their users. Be it banking services or online education institutes, nowadays most people prefer online portals as they provide great comfort and save time. Today we will go through a case study on how a well designed online portal helped an E-learning institute in managing their operations and increasing revenue.

Company Background and Challenges Faced

This E-learning institute for distance learning was established in 2009 in India with an aim to create a unique learning mechanism. For any educational institute, managing database is very important as there are a variety of courses and large numbers of students taking up different courses. And when it is an E-learning institute the database management becomes even more vital. In the initial years, the institute only had a simple website and all the other operational tasks were managed manually. As a result, they were facing many issues in tracking some of the important details which were directly impacting their revenue. They were facing major challenges in managing the data of: 

  • Number of students enrolled in different courses
  • Fee status (Paid and Pending)
  • Details of students appearing for exams
  • Record of exam papers sent in email

 Strategic Solution By Opal Infotech

In the year 2018, this institute contacted Opal Infotech for SEO and reputation management. At that time, they were in the process of developing a database management system which was handled by another company. As they were not getting the desired results from the company, they shared the details of the project with Opal Infotech. Our experienced web development team reviewed the details and proposed a tailor-made solution and started working on the project after the approval. The management of the E-learning institute was so happy with our timely reporting, consistent development and effective communication, that they shifted the entire project to Opal Infotech.

custom portal development by opal infotech

Considering the complexity of the project, we divided it into different phases and the plan was discussed in detail with the management. First phase was focused on database management as it was the most important aspect considering the nature of the education industry. Our highly talented web development team created a portal with student login that eliminated most of the challenges. The advanced online portal offered by Opal’s web development team offered some important features for the user like 

  • Checking Fee Status
  • Getting Exam Notifications
  • Getting Course Material
  • Getting Results
  • Getting Enrollment letter

online portal development by opal infotech

portal development for elearning institute

In addition to that, a hassle-free exam process was created where the students can send the exam request. After receiving the request, they are sent exam papers and they need to update the answer sheets within the given time frame.

customised portal development by opal infotech

Benefits of the Web Development Solution Provided by Opal

The intelligent web development solution provided by Opal Infotech benefited this E-learning institute in many ways.

  • Ease of Management
  • Database Creation
  • Prevention of Revenue Loss

As the institute was managing the operations manually, they faced some challenges in adapting the new system. However, after getting used to it the management and the staff is very happy with the portal. Our web development team is currently working on the second phase of the project. As a result of immense hard work and pure intelligence, the institute has given their next project to Opal Infotech.

As always, we are happy to see the success of our client and we are committed to deliver the same in our upcoming projects.