Case Study – How a Well Planned Digital Marketing Strategy Helped an Italy Based Gate Opening Solution Provider

Today, digital marketing has changed the business environment for all industries worldwide. It is important for every business to have a well planned digital marketing strategy to outperform the competition. With the help of a multifold digital marketing strategy and digital marketing tools, businesses can not only improve their reach but also increase their revenues. Opal Infotech has been providing Digital Marketing and Web Design & Development services since 1998. With our expertise in this domain, we have helped many companies in achieving their business goals. Today we will see a case study on how our well planned digital marketing strategy helped an Italy based Gate Opening Solution Provider.

Company Background and Challenges

This company was established in Italy in the year 1968 and it is a manufacturer and supplier of gate operating solutions. With the changing business environment and technological evolution, the company started to work with a local digital marketing agency to create their online presence to achieve their business objectives. However, the company was not getting the desired results even after spending a good marketing budget. 

Multifold Digital Marketing Solutions by Opal Infotech

The company was looking for Alibaba Minisite Design Services and they came to know about Opal Infotech. This was just a starting point and since that time, we have been providing multifold digital marketing solutions to the company.

Alibaba Minisite Design and Product Posting & Optimization

Core Problems:

  1. Alibaba Minisite was not framed proper with required professional layout.
  2. Product Posting was doing by other Agency but even not getting ROI.
  3. The product visibility was very low in terms of Less Visitors, Less Clicks and Less Inquiries.

Our Observation:

  1. Customized Alibaba Minisite was Required to explore the Brand
  2. There were only 50 products posted where as its competitor had posted 1000 products with high quality score.
  3. Out of 50 products posting – 47 posts had poor quality images and pricing issue.

Solution We Offered :

  1. Alibaba Minisite Designing with custom layout.
  2. Product Posting and Ranking Optimization with higher Avg. Monthly Search Keywords choosen as per Industry.

Process :

  1. First we designed Alibaba Minisite with the Industry best parameters beyond the client expectation within a week.
  2. Simultaneously, We Analyse all given products and scope of optimization and define Monthly Strategy of specific number of posting based on Keywords and Products.
  3. After the completion of Minisite designing phase, we initially take up 25% of monthly Product Posting per week.
  4. Second Week, we analyse the promotional effects and Keywords Ranking of previously posted products and defined a strategy for second week and executed next 25% posting with required optimization of previous posting.
  5. Third Week, we pushed up next products posting with new strategy based on previous analytical data.
  6. Fourth week, we again review the all posted products and promotional effects with ranking status. That helped us to push previous and new postings. Thus the entire month was carry on with posting and analysis of the work done as well keep researching further scope of optimization with competitor analysis.
  7. In between, we were in constant touch with client to have his valuable feedback and inputs.

alibaba product postings and ranking optimization


  1. Alibaba Minisite Design gave the Professional Branding effect to their Online Visitors and created a trust value among them.
  2. Product Posting and Ranking Optimization Promoted the products on Alibaba Platform with Increased Visibility, Customer Clicks, Inquiries and Trade Manager Inquiries.
  3. Below you can clearly see that there were only 14 inquiries in month of June’19, which increased to 24 in July’19 (71% Increase in a month). Trade Manager Inquiries were 10 in Jun’19 that increased to 18 in July’19 (80% Increase in a month.)

alibaba seo by opal infotech

performance overview alibaba minisite designed by opal infotech

As the company had a great experience with our Alibaba Minisite Design and Product Posting & Optimization Services, the company opted for premium Search Engine Optimization Service to get the solution for some of his core SEO problems

Search Engine Optimization 

Core Problems:

The company was working with a local digital marketing agency for search engine optimization, but they were looking for changing the agency as they were not getting the desired results in terms of – 

  1. Keywords Ranking was not impressive for local and global market to fetch as maximum organic search.
  2. No. of Visitors and Goal Conversions were not expected to meet Client’s ROI.


  1. The site was not perfectly optimized with Meta-tags and many other onpage factors were incomplete.
  2. We found several duplicate pages on website
  3. The keywords which client was targeting were not there on website
  4. The same website was hosted with different domain was creating site duplication
  5. And there were many loopholes on the website which were not compatible with Google’s latest SEO algorithm
  6. The website was needed aggressive SEO efforts to beat the competitors.

Solution we Offered

  • To overcome all the issues and to promote the website globally, for better listing and traffic with their main product keywords, we offered them our best SEO package

SEO Website Analysis and Site Audit Discussion

SEO Team discussion and Analysis at Opal Infotech


  1. We performed a detailed site audit to check the existing status of website and prepared a pre-optimization report.
  2. We also performed Keywords Analysis to get maximum traffic with different un-tapped phrases used by Global community.
  3. We did content optimization to enrich the website with required keywords and phrases.
  4. Took all possible onpage actions including meta-tags, h1-h2 tags, image optimization, content management to increase website visibility in search engine.
  5. Also started social media optimization to explore the company business on social media.
  6. Though Off-page actions are less considered now a days, it has significant impact to earn quality backlinks that heped a lot in our process
  7. Following the Google Algorithm and webmaster’s legitimate guidelines we able to achieve desired result in 5 months of short duration.

search engine optimization strategies


  1. The website visibility not only increased in Local Italy Region but also in USA and other European region, which was client’s target market.
  2. Website keywords ranking was significantly improved and site became visible through many more traffic driving keywords
  3. the organic reach increased by 22.8% in just 5 months. In addition to that, new users also increased by 27.03%. This way we could achieve more visits, more new users and more inquiries for the client.

search engine optimization by opal infotech

Google Remarketing, Facebook Ad and Facebook Remarketing

Now, new users were significantly increased through Organic optimization, but that were not tapped completely in terms of inquiries…and it is obvious that whosoever visits your website first time, will not be converted immediately to your loyal customers. it needs constant reminders and approach to your visitors to create a brand value…and this is the need of time and we suggested client to go for our professional Google Remarketing Service, Facebook Ad and Facebook Remarketing to tap the prospective buyers from Search Engine and Social Media.

Core Problem

  1. Traffic is Increased Significantly from SEO & Social Media, but Also need to increase conversions.
  2. Every New User generated through SEO & Social Media Can be a Prospective Buyer – How to Tap them for lead generation?
  3. The company’s Facebook Ads were managed by a local agency, but they were not getting the expected return.


Though the company had executed Google Remarketing their own but it was not proper and professionally managed

  1. As a result Google Remarketing Banners were not customized and not looking as a professional company promotion.
  2. Google Remarketing Banners were displaying in irrelevant websites that causing sheer loss of investment.
  3. New Users need more and frequent attention. It needs to create brand awareness among the new users while they move on different platforms. So it needs to follow them on different relevant platforms to increase our visibility among new users.
  4. Existing Facebook Ad campaign needs to understand the gaps and to redesign new ad campaigns focusing on the target audience.

Solution We Offered

  1. Google Remarketing was the best solution to tap new users and branding
  2. Redesigned new Facebook Ad campaign focusing on the target audience and Facebook Remarketing.


  1. New Remarketing banners created to display on various platforms.
  2. Executed efforts for banner display in the most relevant websites
  3. Regular placement report monitoring and excluding irrelevant websites
  4. Weekly report to client for feedback and suggestions

google remarketing process


The company was able to get 150 leads at €7.79 cost per click within 3 months. In addition to that, the ads got 1719 links clicks at €0.37 cost per click.

google remarketing campaign by opal infotech

facebook Remarketing lead generation campaign by opal infotech

facebook ads campaign by opal infotech

Google Ads and Website Maintenance by Opal Infotech

The company was managing the Google Ads on their own, but unable to tap the targeted audience and even not aware of many important Ads features through which they could get more inquiries and multiply their revenue. We explored the loopholes to them due to our experience in Google Ads since 1999 and being a Google Premier Partner, they handed over Google Ads Campaign for Distributor and Dealers’ inquiry to us. Our experienced digital marketing team designed a Google Ads campaign after studying the requirement in-depth. And, the company got 27 inquiries within 1 month time period. The company was very happy with our services and because of our knowledge and expertise in this domain, the company also gave the website maintenance to us and now we are successfully managing their website maintenance too.

Result of Multifold Digital Marketing Strategy

  • 602 Inquiries received in the span of 5 months through Alibaba / Facebook / Google.
  • 747 Contact us page visits received.
  • Website has got 18,000+ visitors in just 5 Months.
  • 17,927 were the first time visitors – which mean 17,000+ people got to know about the company who had never been to the company’s website before.
  • 70,500+ page-views were received; this means their website pages were seen on the internet 70,500 times by the visitors.

Benefits Delivered with Multifold Digital Marketing Strategy

The company benefitted largely from a multifold digital marketing strategy from Opal Infotech. Some of the most important benefits are:

  • Increase in Alibaba Minisite Traffic 
  • Increase in Website Traffic 
  • Increase in Online Sales and Conversions
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Increase in Market Share
  • Increase in Revenues

benefits delivered with multifold digital marketing strategy

We, Opal Infotech, are extremely happy for the success of our client and we wish them good luck for the future.