How Google Remarketing Helped USA-Based Puppies Breeder Gain More Inquiries?

People often wonder what could go wrong when you have a well-designed website with an excellently executed strategy of Google Ads campaign running to promote your business. This is where they are mistaken. Digital marketing paves way for businesses to succeed abundantly when implemented in the right manner with the right plan of action. And it is extremely essential to bring out new and innovative strategies frequently for better business prospects.

This is the case study of a reputed puppies’ breeder who received tremendous growth due to the implementation of google remarketing which reflects the importance of adaption of innovative techniques for every business sector.

Company’s Background & Challenges – The French Bulldog Puppies Breeder

The French Bulldog breeder had a strong desire to amplify the reach of their business for the adoption of their young trained puppies. The company wanted to stay atop of all other breeders through every possible means to ensure that they became the foremost choice of people looking to buy French Bulldog puppies.

The industry of breeding puppies is extremely competitive due to the ample number of breeders available in the market. It is a reality that a buyer gets confused about the correct breeder to buy their puppies due to the presence of genuine as well as dubious puppy breeders. This fact increases the competition in the market while reduces the chances of prospective customers.

The company wanted to create a brand as a reputed dog breeder in the USA while parallel focusing on increasing its conversion rate. To find a solution that would fulfill both of their requirements, they started looking for a Google Ads specialist and came through Opal Infotech. The company approached us and told us about their expectations of increasing the business prospects through online promotions.

The team at Opal Infotech immediately came into action by beginning all the necessary procedures. Our team came to know that the company already had a well-built website and was interested in running Google Ads campaign. Our Google Ads experts dived into action to understand the core problems and came through major issues.

Core Problems

  • The company had a well-designed website but were not getting inquiries
  • They wanted to increase visibility on Google to bring new customers
Thought: “Planned & Discussed Strategies are better than Undetermined Beginnings”

Moving Towards Strategic Approach

The company initially began with Google Ads in July 2019. Due to an all settled website, the number of visitors increased gradually but the conversion rate was not satisfactory. Some of the factors observed by the Google Ads specialists at Opal Infotech after running Google Ad campaigns are as mentioned below:

  • Increase in Visitors
  • Returning Visitors were only 6-7%
  • The conversion rate was not satisfactory

Increase Number of Clicks

Fig. Increase in Number of Clicks

The results obtained by Google Ads were not as much as expected due to the client’s high demand for more sales. After running Ad Campaigns for an approximate duration of 6 months, the company asked for a better method that could help raise sales.

It was high time to attempt another option as the company had already implemented every possible technique for digital promotions and was still not able to achieve the targeted customers. After a strategic discussion of our Google Ads experts, the conclusion derived was that Google Remarketing could be the solution the firm was looking towards.

Thought: “Business Results are the Reflection of Joint Efforts Made with Constant Determination & Implementing New Strategies”

Beginning of Google Remarketing for Digital Promotions

With the suggestions of our Google Certified experts, the company went for their promotions with Google Remarketing. The onset of this campaign in December 2019 marked the beginning of bringing in more growth and brand reach in the dog breeders’ industry sector for the organization.

Google Remarketing, in layman terms, helps to follow the company’s website visitors throughout the internet while they surf other websites by constantly reminding them of the firm & its products and services with the help of banners. This enhances the brand value due to the banners that are spread across different sites as it imparts to the viewer that the company is a recognized name in the industry.

Implementation of Google Remarketing

The process of Google Remarketing begun with the creation of banners that would be shared on other websites to seek the attention of prospective buyers. The experienced graphic designers at Opal Infotech have excellent expertise in designing attractive and innovative remarketing banners. These banners were then displayed on relevant websites for customers looking to buy new puppies.

Our Digital Marketing experts ensured that they reached out to prospective customers of the client by every possible means of google remarketing. They started displaying remarketing banners on every possible site that included:

  • Puppies Directories
  • Newspapers Sites
  • Popular Websites
  • And Many More

Opal Infotech with years of experience has displayed the capabilities of its expert team in delivering results as expected by the organizations entrusting their business. With regular monitoring and constant working on uplifting the remarketing methods by removing irrelevant websites from the list and implementing apt solutions, the company started gaining good business. We kept up with sending weekly reports that would include suggestions and feedbacks for the betterment of the campaigns.

5 Major Processes Followed During Google Remarketing Promotions

  • Designing of Attractive Banners
  • Display of Banners on Relevant Websites
  • Regular Monitoring of Remarketing Campaign
  • Adding & Removing Irrelevant Websites
  • Weekly Reports with Suggestions & Feedbacks

5 Major Processes Implemented During Google Remarketing Promotions

Thought: “Success is the Result of Persistence to Try Every Possible Method of Improvement”

The Benefit of Google Remarketing for The Puppies Breeder

The implementation of Google Remarketing resulted in exceptionally unexpected results. The results astonished the French bulldog puppies’ breeder as we had increased the conversion rate to 531.86%. The strategic approach had procured fruits of success as well as improved the reputation of the company. Due to the remarketing banners, the customers started trusting the company and approached for further business.

The Major Benefits of Google Remarketing Were:

  • Improvement in Brand Value
  • Increase in Conversion Rate
  • Increase in Returning Visitors
  • Reduction in Bounce Rates

The Major Benefits of Google Remarketing

Remarketing Conversion Rate

Fig. Remarketing Goal Conversion


The figures obtained throughout the campaign were quite impressive and strengthened the trust of the company in our capabilities. The association stands strong and we continue to bring in more customers for the company with new methods and possibilities.

  • Visitors Through Remarketing Campaign – 368
  • Banner have been viewed 31,551 Times
  • We Spent Only 0.011$ for Branding
  • Conversion Rate Increased by 531.86%
  • Returning Visitors Increased by 39.74%

Increase Returning Visitors

Fig. Increase in Returning Visitors

The Conclusion

Google remarketing is the most successful proven digital marketing strategy that can help to gain more business. It is a common misconception that running a successful Google Ads campaign is bound to bring new business opportunities. Sometimes it is necessary to opt for a different way and tap into the potential of different digital promotion methods while in search of growth and success.

The Google Ads & Remarketing specialists at Opal Infotech with constant efforts and implementation of new strategies accomplished the client’s requirement. This success story revealed the importance of Google Remarketing while opting for Google Ads when business ventures are looking to increase the brand value along with the improvement in sales.

Thought: “Fruitful Success is Always worth the Strive and Hard work”