How to Check Most Searched Keyword Frequency in Alibaba?

It is a frequently asked question from Alibaba users that How to Check Most Searched Keyword Frequency in Alibaba?. Here is the answer to your query in detail to be helpful in finding out the most searched keywords in Alibaba.

While doing products optimization keywords are the most important thing to get good results. If right keywords are not used in Products Posting, you won’t get good result out of Alibaba. So to achieve better performance, Alibaba has their own tool called Hot Keywords which will display monthly search frequency that is number of times users have actually searched for that keyword.

Now open and sign into your Gold Supplier Account. Then, go to My Alibaba and it will take you to the Account’s Home Page.

Then under Industry Advisor go to Biz Trends & Tap Hot keywords in it.

So here you will find hot keywords tool from where you can find most searched keywords.

For example, search for keyword “Leather Belt” so you will find keywords related to Leather Belt & its search frequency.

Also you need to check if these keywords are related to your business or not as here shows some of the keywords like “leather belt making machine” which is not relevant. So if you’re not selling belt’s machine we cannot use that keyword. This is the way to find right keywords.

Thus you can always keep an eye on Hot Keywords while doing products posting which will help to improve performance.

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