Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Best Online Website Promotion Technique

Many companies decided to expand their activity over the internet, offering both services and products to customers world-wide. However, internet marketing is a key which must be taken advantage of, even when you run an e- business. Therefore, the best solution to promote a brand, drive in excellent and massive traffic to convert into sales of your products/services and be in the top Search Engines, is represented by the SEO process. Special directories are the virtual get together point between the company and a chosen contractor for this job. Although numerous companies pride themselves with its powerful strategy, it turns out that results are beneath expectations, sometimes even harming the website in question. As many of you are already aware of, there are multiple ways of performing Optimization, such as White Hat, Black Hat and Grey Hat. Companies promise to offer only Search Engine friendly techniques, but if that were true, Google wouldn’t have declared war to unethical back links, which eventually caused major drops in rankings. Thus, before jumping into hiring its cheapest contractor, please take several notes of the following suggestions and veritable information to rely on, when interviewing the selected company for Search Engine Optimization plans for your site.

Requirements and results of Search Engine Optimization


The major goal of a SEO strategy is to increase the e-marketing exposure of a site and create a positive brand awareness of the e-company. Once a trustworthy reputation is in stake, the traffic will absolutely increase, which means the client portfolio will expand, a factor which leads to a complete streamline for the entire organisation. Profitability will constantly raise, along with monthly traffic and rankings. For this matter, we can discuss two types of Search Engine Optimization. The On-Site part refers to an accurate Keyword Research for finding those key phrases or long tail words relevant for the work and ideally middle-competitive, to build a genuine, real and flawless Content Writing on. Keywords are very important in both the On-Page and Off-Site Optimizations, because they are the anchor texts used for building relevant links to drive in traffic back to the browser. But for completing the first Optimization part, a relevant Market and Competitor analysis must be done. Furthermore, no matter if the splash screen was recently launched or it has some years in the search engine indexed files, the optimization company must handle carefully all meta tags, meta descriptions and also the meta titles to make them relevant for its entire content.

Accurate Google Optimization, in accordance with the latest Panda & Penguin Updates

However, the latest Google updates from December 2012 had to be done, due to unethical, also called Black Hat and Grey hat link building strategies. The Panda and Penguin plugins took care of website who were ranking high on top results due to inadequate back links, may them be broken links, redirected links, back links from closed browsers or from harmful domains. Also, the latest updates took care of sites poor in grammar content. Therefore, when asking for a Google Optimization, make sure the chosen contractor uses Google friendly Search Engine Optimization techniques. All links must come from relevant domains, with PR 3 or higher and these have to be visible, readable and also index-able. Any links from porn or gambling sites will automatically alter the rankings of your site. Submissions on a large variety of Directories is another efficient strategy, even when talking about Yahoo Optimization or campaigns for other top search engines. Ask for complete Web 2.0 strategies when evaluating its strategy. Organic solutions imply low costs, thus finding a reliable contractor gives you the opportunity to build a long-term partnership, because the Google, Yahoo or Bing Optimization for top rankings is not a process to be accomplished within a month. You may want to submit your splash screen to high PR, to quickly boost your SERP (Search Engine Rank Page), but finding domains with high Page Rankings to contact and pay for links, is an action Google does not approve with. Thus, take the Google Optimization – as well as the one for the rest Search Engines, one step at a time and expect monthly positive results through the Organic legitimate and relevant ways.

Features of a White-Hat SEO strategy – what to expect from contractors

Link Building is a process which should include only do-follow one-way links, from Dominate-Search-Engine-Results-Pages-With-These-SEO-Tipsdifferent IP classes and of course manually submitted. Using special tools to generate multiple links, all submitted to the same domains leads to Spam actions and eventually you’ll be rewarded with a ban from Google and the rest top search engines. Google Ads is another plus when deciding to promote your site on the first search engine from all over the world. Pay per click campaigns also generate some traffic for themselves, but these are more expensive to use. Generally people opt strictly for the Organic Yahoo, Google or Bing Optimization, because it is much cheaper, more productive and it allows you to monitor the Optimization process through monthly results. You shouldn’t worry too much about potential problems you might encounter when designing a new site. The updates are meant to bring it to a step forward in 2013. We are talking about a massive clean-up within all search engines, so that people looking for specific information will not be disappointed again. If you’ve been using unethical method for ranking your site, now you’ll have to wait a while until the White-hat strategies will bring you to the top rankings you used to be positioned. Apart from an attractive design and an easy to use interface of your browser, you should also minimize the use of add-ons, plugins and also frameworks. Another very useful tip you should remind when developing its strategy, is that apart from creating a site map, you should ask for local promotion of it. You first of all have to be interested in driving traffic from your local targeted niche of clients, because it’s the easiest one to convert in sales, then go for the international optimization.

In a nutshell, you should be expecting for the Yahoo Optimization to take some time. Trustworthy companies will ask for a six months period to bring it on top and help you dominate the search results. In the wide area of Search Engine marketing, we can also include the Social Media Campaigns, referring to the creation of social network accounts, an adequate maintenance and constant monitor, to add more traffic to it. Optimization is the best online method to market your work and be successful at it. But do take notes of all the aforementioned tips and tricks, because any usage of unethical, spamming strategies will lead to harmful effects upon your website.