SSL Certificate & Impact on Website and SEO Ranking !

  • Introduction

Whether it’s a SME or giant, one should make sure to have an online security. Now a days, almost all companies have online presence through website. If it is simple WordPress or E-commerce website, it’s always important to understand the potential risk of website getting hacked. 
Data Encryption and Authentication & verification are two major feature of SSL certificate.
SSL Certificate enabled website makes data secure and encrypt the same, so any sensitive information exchanged is never hacked.

  • Understanding It’s Impact

SSL Certificate locks and unlocks that is encrypt and decrypt the information exchanged between the web browser and the server. It consist of two keys that are private key and public key.
SSL Certificate has below information included:

  1. Holder name
  2. Serial number
  3. Expiration date
  4. Holder’s public key certificate copy
  5. Digital Signature by issuing authority

There is a process called Handshake undertakes.
SSL certificate is issued by the authority for a particular server and a domain of website. If the user is browsing to navigate or browse the SSL enabled website and then happens the encounter or handshake of information between server and the browser.
Information from the server is made visible to the navigator or user. Public key will be used to encrypt the data, if the certificate is valid. While to decrypt the data, private key will come in use.

  • Benefits
  1. Avail encrypted security for all data without getting trapped by hackers
  2. Easily win customers trust by securing personal data uploaded by them.
  3. Be in Google’s good book by having HTTPS site and get a slight ranking boost which eventually impacts SEO.
  • Look of Website with Installed SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate enabled website, facilitates security for your sensitive data.

  • Using Standard SSL Certificate
  1. Using standard certificated will turn HTTP into HTTPS in address bar.
  2. It states that the connection between server and browser is secured.
  3. The padlock is activated indicating security.
  • Using Extended SSL Certificate
  1. The standard HTTP is converted to HTTPS that automatically indicates connection security using SSL between server and the browser.
  2. The address bar turns green from white, stating the website is SSL enabled.
  3. It indicates the website owner has legally incorporated and registered the company name.
  4. Extended validation SSL allows display of company name on the address bar.
  5. Padlock symbol is displayed which indicates the site is SSL enabled.
  • Impact on Digital Marketing Aspects- SEO & Google Adwords

Earlier, SSL certificate was needed, just to collect private and sensitive data like payment transaction in ecommerce website. As the cybercrime ratio increased and growth in hacking activities, it has now become important get protection in place.
Google have announced that amongst all other factors in line, Enabling SSL certificate in the website is one important factor for a slight boost in SEO ranking. It is a small reward for the website using secured site. To be in Google good book, it’s important to convert website from HTTP to HTTPS.

  1. If the website is not secured, it will display a warning sign.
  2. This eventually leads the visitors leave the site.
  3. Due to which competitors having secured website will be benefited.
  4. It’s now a vital as well as good SEO practice that can be implemented.

Now, Google is also making it a mandate to have secured website, or it will remove product listing ads, if it’s not SSL Certificate enabled.

  1. It secures the payment data and other sensitive information.
  2. Hence, it’s must for ecommerce website.
  3. Payment transaction will be done with secured website only.
  4. It’s Google’s policy that the product listing or account shall be compliant with local laws.
  5. If certificate is not linked with shopping cart sites, it may be considered as rules violation.
  • Get Your SSL Certificate

Digitally binding SSL certificate helps secure data like;

  1. Login details,
  2. Credit card details,
  3. Payment transactions,
  4. Data transfer,

And more.

  • Certificate Validation Level

Extended Validation Certificate (abbreviated as EV)

For highest security level EV certificate is considerable. It is issued after rigorous and in-depth background check of the company.

Organisational Validation Certificate (abbreviated as OV)

Organisational investigation is done, though not in-depth. Yet it gives the authenticity about the organisation by collecting data.

Domain Validation

Control over the domain name registered by the owner is verified.

  • Types of certificate

Single name SSL Certificate

This certificate helps in managing and securing single domain name. It won’t be protecting any other domain or sub-domain.

Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Protects sub-domain along with single domain. It allows to secure unlimited sub-domains through single certificate. It’s cost effective alternative and simplify the management of maintaining and tracking the certificate.

Unified SSL Certificate

It allows to secure and protects 100 domains with single certificate. It becomes easy to manage for enterprises having varied and more number of domains with single certificate itself.

Multi-domain SSL Certificate

It is closely in co-operation with Microsoft, specifically designed to secure multiple and different domain name and sub- domain with one certificate.