Vaidehi Shares Life Experience on Her Birthday

This is Vaidehi and Thank you Opal Team for wishing me on My Birthday and to make this day special for me.

First of all, I would like to Thank Shloka Mam, being as my Mentor and now to be my friend and supporting me always.

The office working environment is so good that I never feel to be in Office. Everybody is doing their work with great enthusiasm, co-operation and support.

Thank you Dhvani mam, Mansi, Bhaviksir and Salman bhai for your support. Because when I joined Opal Infotech, I didn’t have much knowledge about Information Technology, as such I have done my Engineering from Electronics and Communications and I didn’t believe that whether I will be set in this job or not? But I am happily set in my job right now.

Before this, I thought to migrate Australia for further studies but unfortunately, my visa rejected and I came here. So I have learnt in my life that whatever happens is always good for our life. So always believe in your destiny and keep motivating yourself. That’s all. Thank you very much all of you!