Website Design Aspects that Help in SEO

Website Design is an important element of any online business and optimizing it can help your website appear near the top of the search engine result pages. Web design and SEO refer to developing and designing websites that follow the best practices to help the business rank highest in search results and translate traffic beyond expectations. When you consider the SEO best practices that relate to web design one can find a lot of aspects that can give a tremendous impact on any organization’s business line. These parameters include-

Attractive and Promising Website Design

Presentation of Content

Content in web design refers to the textual, aural, or video content that is published on the website. For the website design to be effective in SEO a creative element is essential which could include data, text, applications, or good internal links.  There could be animation or any other multimedia which can be the key to traffic generation. Creating engaging content and organizing it well into various categories for easy navigation, is the most important for a successful website. The data also needs to be consistent with relevancy, layout, and good paragraphing. Optimizing the web content and presenting it beautifully so that the search engine responds to the keywords while searching can well aid SEO.

Different Platforms

Using the appropriate platforms for websites can influence the factors that impact search rankings. It can cause the potential traffic to increase and optimize the website to make it functional in the most effective manner. There are different platforms like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and many more and each one is unique in its way. For example, Magento has the SEO features like Meta tags for products and catalogs, rich snippets, HTML and XML site maps, and some of which are just out of the box. Shopify has Technical SEO-friendly features like plugins, image optimizers, keyword checkers, and many more which can outrank the competition in search engines and attract visitors to the online store by way of digital marketing services. WordPress again has the best CMS for a perfect SEO and incorporating such platforms in a website design can optimize the website to increase its SERP.

Web Downloading Speed

Google has made website speed an important ranking factor and the page speed also impacts the bounce rates and session time on websites which majorly affects SEO. This is a metric that indicates the average loading time of the entire website. The downloading speed is determined by many aspects like server quality, image compression, minimizing HTTP requests, and much more which are included in the web design. Why this element is important because it has a vast impact on the user experience and faster-loading pages make it easier to visitors to navigate the page. Slow sites can turn off visitors and the right host can improve the website speed as well as its performance. Similarly, many visitors might visit the website through mobiles and its speed optimization should be a top priority as well to rank better in the search algorithms.

Website Speed


Adding content to the category pages makes it easier for navigators as they display a particular product type or group pages with similar content. They are useful to drive traffic to E-commerce sites and these pages outperform in SEO rankings. This multi-pronged approach assists search engine crawlers in detecting the website’s purpose. For example, if someone searches ‘ Gluten-free food options’ an entire range of products will be displayed as Google ranking reward relevancy. The well-organized categories with the descriptive title can increase the dwell time and guide people to use your site making it fare much better than competitors too.

Search Button

The search button is another web design aspect that is a cornerstone for SEO. This functionality helps in retrieving results from a website by typing search queries in the type bar. A great search experience can drive more brand loyalty and conversions. Modern SEO practices focus on creating high-quality content and timely web content that addresses the need of the audience.  This robust navigational menu and its implementation while considering the website design can provide insights into granular interests and be an invaluable factor in driving SEO.

Website Design


Website forms are obvious design elements every site should have as they help in lead capturing. The forms need to have a quick loading and capture information easily. The formats could include guides, how-to’s, tutorials, reviews, or anything of the like. This search-focused outline could drive visitors to get more involved and inspire them too. The forms could also attract new clients or onboard them and this ultimately forms a great SEO strategy.


When you arrive on a website you need direction and the menu can act like a compass in finding what one is looking for. The website structure needs to be responsive and relevant menu factors in getting more users engaged and this in turn will help Google to crawl the index and return your pages in the search results. The landing page can help users identify what they want and have happier navigation. Here using descriptive anchor text or keyword-rich links pointing to pages can be useful. There could be single or double-bar navigation or even drop-down navigation or ones with image carousels which could make a worthwhile experience for the customers.

Head Footer Links

These are the site-wide links that appear on every page of the website and are instrumental in web designing.  If the search engine determines these links as useful to users, they crawl these links which are considered positive in SEO. The footer links can help users as well search engine crawlers to navigate around the website making it a more friendly and impactful one. Google watches people as they browse and a well-trafficked page ranks better and this navigation gets much more used than any other one practically.

Get Better Response to Your Business Website with SEO

Goal Conversions and having Email/ Phone Contact Options for an Easy Approach

A good business means giving prospects a way to reach you by phone or email. It can enable people to get in touch and raise any concerns. Having a citation can increase the search factor as customers get more comfortable. They keep coming back for more and this majorly influences the search ranking and the SEO. A website that is designed to keep the contact information handy can earn trust in the long run. So header and footer must contain contact details like phone numbers and emails for an easy approach.

Image Optimization for Speedy Download without Quality Compromise

Images with a good resolution and required compression ensure that the website content is downloaded easily, and engaging to users. The optimized images can also speed up the page landing and accuracy in labeling images. This helps search engines to crawl and understand the page content. Images can consume more bytes than any other part of a website and this can affect the site’s performance.