Can SEO be Customized in an Industry-Specific Way?

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SEO customization can be the heart of any successful digital business. Essentially, it refers to an SEO plan that is unique to the business and its website objectives. It strategically lays out the best plan to set businesses up for success. SEO has geared up for a future that is more personalized, hyper-specific, and can be driven industry-wise. Our insight can help you better understand SEO.

SEO for Different Industries

E-Commerce SEO

This is the most effective way of getting more traffic to your website by making it more visible on the search engine result pages. E-commerce SEO just means the website is more optimized, whether it is the content, technical setups like mobile friendliness, speed, indexation, or the like. Before making any purchase decision, customers also look for reviews, recommendations, and other descriptions. While setting up the e-commerce SEO strategy, there must be a low bounce rate and a higher conversion. It entails a different approach as products keep getting introduced and then going off the shelf and the website has to be optimised accordingly. An effective SEO for E commerce sites would involve Meta Tag optimisation or unique on page and off page optimisation or a Google redirection when relevant keywords are being searched by users especially for the latest products. E-Commerce SEO also expands the brand’s reach, and with quality content, it can result in high transaction intent. It also provides a strong user experience, which is a key ranking factor. It includes all the factors that are continually done and updated, like the design, content, and technology that make up the website along with a unique approach that is specific to online Ecommerce.


The SEO for FMCG websites can be highly competitive, and the experts keep afloat by focusing on driving quality traffic from multiple channels so that there is a higher chance of a conversion. They need to be keyword specific as the websites cater to bulk dealers, wholesalers, suppliers or exporters. Since they require bulk sales to be done an appropriate specific keyword integration can work well. For example, users might search as’ Best wholesale supplier of Soaps’. Here being specific can really help. There is deep research done and a sharp FMCG SEO strategy implemented to increase the ranking and visibility of the FMCG site. Strategic keywords are positioned so that searchers are connected with the website easily and navigate through it. All the on-page SEO factors are taken care of, like the content, external links, URLs, permalinks, as well as website internal linking. The SEO for FMCG website has to be constantly dynamic and pinpoint at the right brand names as FMCG websites also changes its brand or product name quite often.

cial media works well to increase the volume of visitors. A good call to action option like ‘Contact now’ or ‘Call for service’ can also create a positive impact on the audience and this is how service industry SEO is distinct from other industry SEO practices.

Service Industry SEO

A service industry website includes an effective web development and designing and how people search services can be in varied styles. There needs to be an appropriate Meta tag defining so that google understands and crawls are done quickly. Similarly separate sub- pages for each service and location can promote services much beyond expectations. It needs to have a unique content for having an effective and customised SEO just means that the website foundation is strong and sturdy. Service industry SEO is a pathway for visibility and requires a multidimensional approach as they serve the customers by completing a task on their behalf. Since there is no tangible product involved, the focus is needed on the overall website features and a great interface. The visual features can be made attractive, and appropriate content becomes important. Social media works well to increase the volume of visitors. A good call to action option like ‘Contact now’ or ‘Call for service’ can also create a positive impact on the audience and this is how service industry SEO is distinct from other industry SEO practices.

Country Specific SEO

A country specific SEO means that search queries would come from different countries or the audience from targeted country/s. For Example, someone in the US could search ‘The best sandalwood supplier in India. There could be a difference in the search keywords or long tail keywords owing to linguistic differences. Also the website needs to promote and push products internationally with a big volume involved. To take advantage of the huge international and multilingual market, it is necessary to implement the best practices. An important factor in creating a site that’s customised for different locations and languages is developing an URL structure. A country-specific SEO strategy is required to establish a company’s presence. It enables search engines to identify the countries and languages of each user, your business is targeting in a particular location. For international SEO, each country should have a unique approach as the ranking factors have been constantly evolving.

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Industrial SEO

Industrial SEO can be more challenging because when procurement specialists search online to research new equipment, products, or services, the ones that are optimised will undoubtedly be preferred. The focus should be on the client’s specific requirement or a customised one. It involves getting a little deeper as different parts or machineries might be searched and they might be getting updated too. Redirecting to the right set of products means a more seasoned SEO with the right strategy. A professional SEO team with knowledge of the market and competitors can combine all the elements to deliver the best results. It requires on-site and off-site optimization, a tailored keyword strategy and effective off-site link building. For an industrial SEO, the keywords could also be changing, and improving the meta-tags can bring more visitors to the site while also getting it ranked higher.

Retail SEO

Retail Businesses are going through a cosmic shift with the advent of digital transformation. Retail SEO is a challenging task as many products in various categories have to be optimized. It is an ongoing process as websites need to be updated with the latest search algorithms as well as search behaviours. Retail SEO is important to get more clicks and getting increased credibility for the brand. The specific techniques employed can work wonders for retail online stores and create a strong presence. Moreover, businesses can promote a specific line of products and you don’t need a huge budget to implement them. It have long term impacts and more organic clicks just mean more revenue. It is necessary to understand how search engines work and what they reward. Also a review of the analytics help in giving an idea about the searchers intent. The content should be optimised that can be shared on social media which will increase the brand exposure and get the website to become a favourite amongst retail consumers.

Monumental benefits of Industry specific SEO

Ranking on the first pages of the search engines boosts ultimate credibility for businesses. Industry Specific SEO also provides a 24/7 promotion and reaches the right target audience. When used in industry wise SEO efforts compound over time and SEO practices go through rigorous testing across a multitude of business landscapes so that they are well ahead of the curve that drives results.