What is the Difference Between On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization?

Traffic is the most important element for your website to get popular which will ultimately lead to getting more business. At this hour of technological advancement, each and every business enterprise requires its website to achieve high ranking in the search engine results which is possible only if both for a website, if it is done in a proper and ethical manner. After the Penguin Update done in Google Algorithm, it is not anybody’s job to get a website ranked on a top position with specific keywords, one needs to have expertise on latest Google Algoritm update. Website escalation is no more just a job of creating back links. Your website should be having relevant and quality content along with naturally created back links. Though, both of them are necessary for the website to rank on top position, you need to make sure that both have been done for your website in a proper and ethical manner, otherwise instead of achieving SEO top ranking, your website may end up getting banned by Google which will have an adverse effect on your business. Although you are hiring an expert SEO company from India, you need to understand the details about them as given below so that you can ensure that none of the efforts have been neglected while availing effective SEO services for your business website.

On Page Optimization


On Page SEO efforts refer to making the website search engine friendly by inserting relevant Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, ALT Tags, H1/H2 Tags etc. You can insert the keywords in the content of the website through which you need to have high ranking in search engines. As search engines cannot read the images on your web pages, you can insert relevant keywords in alternative texts for those images. All the efforts done on website content, images, navigational structure, anchor text etc., are the part of it. After the launch of Google Penguin, it is not advisable to stuff keywords in the content of the website. The websites should be containing quality content with naturally inserted keywords.

Off Page Optimization


Off Page optimization is related to creating more and more back links for a particular website. The back links are created by submitting the website URL in different directories. The articles containing website links are posted to article directories and also classified ads as well as Press Releases are written and submitted in classified ad directories as well as press release directories respectively. After the launching of update in Google Algorithm which is known as Penguin, it has been discouraged a lot. But, we can still generate back links for the website in a natural way by posting links into social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It is not important to create more number of back links, but it has become necessary to build

quality back links from reputed websites. It is very important of a website but needs to concentrate on the quality and not quantity of the back links.

Thus, on page optimization is all about making website search engine friendly and the efforts relating to it are done on live business website. Whereas, off page optimization relates to generating back links for a website which can boost its ranking in search engines which ultimately leads to high traffic and popularity. The motive of on page optimization and off page optimization is the same and that is to achieve high ranking in search engine through relevant keywords. So, just make sure that your hired SEO firm has latest knowledge of how on page and off page optimization techniques should be applied for your website in order to get your website listed on top position in search engine result pages.