Case Study – How Web Development Helps in Website Optimization?

Company Background
The company is USA based industry-leading manufacturer of best quality detailing products for automotive, boat, airplanes, and many other industries, and is in this business since 1989. It’s a reputed name in the field of formulating private labelling products in Florida.

Challenges Need Vision to Resolve
Though the detailing products website was actively performing online promotions, the client was not getting the required output in terms of number of visitors, number of inquiries, high bounce rate and ultimately poor ROI. Website optimization is not mere the process of adding meta-tags, unique content and making offline promotions to get back the links to the website. SEO have integrated many more coding factors to make your website compatible in accordance to the certain basic thumb rules of internet marketing that makes your presence and experience better to your visitors. SEO helps in improving visibility as well tracing out the loopholes in the website, which hinder to the visitors in surfing. Though your website has good layout and informative content, if there is problem in navigation, visitors may get confused and they have very short time to confirm the usability of your website. Instead of visitors, being as a site owner, you have very short time to impress your prospective customers. Thus need to thoroughly check by keeping yourself in place of online customer, before you launch the website or start actively promoting it on internet.

This type of problem is commonly found in two ways –

  • In case of Making Category Product wise – When your single product is applied to the multiple industries as well applicable to multiple things with different usage. Here in this case “Carnuba Detailing Spray” is used as a cleaning product for painted surface as well it is also applied as a surface protector for painted fibreglass and painted surface. So some people may search Carnuba Detailing Spray for painted surface, are eager to know about the product application in their required periphery. At the same time others may search the same products as a surface protector. Even their usability processes may also be different.
  • In case of Making Category Application wise – When you categories your products application wise. In this case of “Aluminium Bronze” surface, different products are applied with distinct applications in separate WebPages like cleaning, polishing, waxing and protecting.

If you combine above two ways of product navigation on website in perfect way, it will be a great help to the visitors or else it may put them in puzzle.  The same problems was found in the case of detailing products website due to which, though the content was unique, informative but couldn’t attract to the users, as visitors always looking for authority trust which they can achieve only with the layout, navigation and right functionality.

Simple navigation issue becomes a big, when you have hundred of important products and if you want to make them highly visible. This may impact the entire optimization process and will not give the results, though putting lots of efforts on site promotion. These are some of the tiny factors, which you need to focus while designing the website. And this can be well taken care by the web development agencies which posses the in-depth knowledge of digital marketing.

Solution is not as big as the Problem is
Big problems are always resolved with small solution. Single problem has a single solution but a single problem can creates multiple issues that can be solved with a single remedy. At Opal Infotech, we always try to focus on root cause that generates successor hindrances in execution and promotion. The above issue was all about the poor navigation system which may be designed by previous web developer, who may be unknown of its negative impacts. At Opal Infotech, we traced this at first instance and suggest client to make the menu navigation simple for users to go through. Website owners always try to give as maximum information to their users, but it is the responsibility of skilled developer that how efficiently define the way for user navigation and here not only development experience counts but also need to have online marketing vision. Developers at Opal Infotech equipped with search promotion guidelines, changed the menu style and appearance to make it more user-friendly.

A Simple Solution Open up the Multiple Ways

  1. Easy Navigation has made the product search easy for users.
  2. It has increased product crawl ability for the search robots for better indexing.
  3. The keywords listing improved in Google and other search engines.
  4. Average session duration through Organic search has been increased.
  5. Increased conversion rate has improved ROI compare to previous.

Web development is not mere a technique to present your online business, but also a process that helps in web marketing if perfectly adopted while designing your website. It propagate the visibility as well excellent user experience and conversion ratio. The things like perfect navigation, URL structure, H1-H2 Tagging, Image names etc should be focused while designing and these requirements can be identified by the companies, which are dedicated and having years of experience in Digital marketing field, Opal Infotech knows the pros and cons of each web development platform minutely and can suggest the best web solution to get good business response on internet.