How Digital Marketing has Improved ROI for Wedding Planner in Gibraltar?

Company Background
Gibraltar’s leading wedding planning company provides various wedding packages focusing the prime locations of Gibraltar where the couples from UK, Spain and other European countries can come to Gibraltar and get married as per the local laws. The fascinating environment, prime facilities and great flexibilities of Gibraltar laws provides a unique platform to the newly marrying couple. The wedding firm provides all features of great comfort to bride, groom and their guests from beginning of airport pickup, hotel stay, marriage registration, wedding reception, site seeing and to spend their leisure time with the exotic places that can make their wedding and reception memorable.

The Challenges

1. Though being a market leader in Gibraltar and making online promotion for years, the company was not satisfied with its visibility in terms of traffic, keywords ranking and no. of prospective inquiries.

2. Though, they were on the first page on bottom 5 (varying position from 5 to 10) with certain important keywords, yet as you know that top position (1st or 2nd) among your competitors always brings a noticeable mileage from the visitors to prefer the company for the services. While searching for “wedding planner in Gibraltar” and most important highly searched keywords, the site required to be on TOP.

3. As the Gibraltar has the beautiful landscape surrounded by Meditarrean Sea, travel and tourism is one of the biggest contributors to the country’s economy. For getting more weightage among the European to get marry and spend their leisure time, the prime customers to be focused outside Gibraltar, mainly from UK and Spain from where we need to increase the number of visitors and online visibility for and

4. In paid marketing, though the higher budget, client was facing the severe conversion issues like high CPC with competitive keywords, lower average positioning and reduced CTR Rate. Thus the improvement in ROI was the main concern of client to change the web promotional company.

5. When the company has already gone through the digital marketing process, they might have burnt their fingers with the initial experience and so it may obvious that they are very cautious during the initial transformation to the second agency. Therefore, it increases the responsibilities of new SEO Company to adopt the effective strategy that can be sure shot to meet the client’s expectation.

SEO Website Analysis and Site Audit Discussion

SEO Team discussion and Analysis at Opal Infotech

Reforming Initiatives
The digital marketing team at Opal Infotech took up the above challenges with years of experience. For the optimization and promotion, first needs to understand the client business in detail with product segment, targeted audience and their behavior, to implement the perfect result oriented strategy.

1. Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis: This was quite important when customer focused mere a few generic keywords and investing all the time and resources only after the few keywords. That sounds good in visibility, but fail in fetching the relevant business traffic and conversion. On the basis of their competitor website and business keywords, we started to optimize the keywords in different phrases with medium average monthly search. This can increase the site visibility in search engine with wide array of keywords (though their search volume may be less, but the number of phrases is higher. This may create a logical and favorable impression in eyes of search engine about site’s reputation. This is an optimistic approach of site promotion rather than unnecessary pushing only the generic keywords, which is considered a spam activity as per the search algorithm.). Till now their geographical area of promotion was limited to Gibraltar that we broaden including the keywords related to “Mediterranean” and “Europe”. This has widened their visibility in different European browsers like UK and Spain, as their focused market was these countries.

2. Careful Promotion of Google First Page Keywords: When the competitive keywords are on first page of search engine, the competition always become tough to bit your competitors, as in such condition it requires to maintain your first page position as well to push the keyword towards 1st position from 10th position. Slight mistake can fluctuate your first page position and sometimes even drop beyond pages. The same situation was with us, when client handed the assignment, where we have to push their important keywords carefully from bottom five to top three positions in Google first page. With our ethical efforts and following Google guideline, we could achieve their important traffic drawing keywords in top 3 positions.

3. Search Engine Local Promotion: Local business promotion is always good, when you target a specific region. In this case Gibraltar was a scope of product market but the targeted market was UK and Spain. So whenever visitor from UK and Spain hit the search query for “Wedding in Gibraltar” or “Gibraltar Wedding”, if the website appears with normal search result as well with Google My Business, then It can increase the chances of conversion when your site is listed on first page with multiple result of the same site. Even if it appears with only local result, then also it is beneficial. The same strategy we executed for above generic keywords, so in any case if your normal listing fluctuate, even in that case you can get visits through Google My Business listing and vice-versa.

4. Responsive Design: initially the mobile website was designed on different platform with limited flexibility. We recommended reframing the layout with response design to increase the number of mobile users as now a day responsive website is preferable while mobile internet usage is increasing.

5. Blog Module Creation and Article Writing: Static website always gets less response from users as well from search engines as both are looking for something new and fresh. Blog becomes necessity for any business to make aware of the products to their users and when it is the site of dynamic bondage like wedding or tours and travels, it is highly recommended to give as possible information to your visitors and existing client about ever refreshing packages. Addition of articles on wedding packages, hotels, wedding laws, marriage registration etc. enriching the knowledge of site users and providing the interesting facts, they are looking for before actual conversion.

6. Region Specific Google Ads: Pay-Per-Click marketing is quite effective, if it is handled in a professional way, else it may fetch the clicks but no conversion and this tragic happens to the majority of the clients, when they try to manage PPC Campaign their own or assign the project to less experience marketing company that offers the services at highly cheap rate. Being as a Google Certified partner, our digital marketing experts are Google Certified and skilled to manage all types of campaigns. As soon they receive the paid marketing assignment, they checked all ads and campaigns created earlier and made significant modifications with text ads and banner ads, included the required extensions for better visibility and took actions to improve quality score, reduce CPC with increased average positioning for UK and Spain visitors to grab their attentions.

7. Google Interest Marketing: This is the best Google marketing tool when you are well aware of the people interested in your product and services. Wedding is the matter of interest and can easily tap the target audience visiting your competitor websites or probably with the keywords. This can be the best branding tool to fetch new visitors, even in case where conversion ratio is very low. We offered this version of paid marketing to the client, keeping in mind their business and user behavior.

Result in Terms of ROI

Our exclusive efforts brought fantastic results to the Gibraltar Client. And now they are happy of gaining 100% ROI as below….What else one can expect?

  1. Now more than 100 keywords are listed on first page of, and with various key phrases.
  2. Overall site promotion with multiple keywords has increased even the ranking of main keywords, which client was expecting to be listed in Top 3 Position.
  3. Organic Search Traffic has increased significantly, when the site is listed well with competitive and other keywords. Apart from that, now many keywords are listed with normal as well Google Local listing.
  4. The well optimized site was taken up by Google for rich snippet display for time being that had put the site on top of all.
  5. Responsive design increased mobile users on the website, reduced bounce rate and ultimately increased conversion.
  6. Blog has become the integral part of their web promotion now, and client themselves also adding the interesting information about their service, Gibraltar’s local information in the form of articles to make aware their visitors.
  7. Redefined strategy of Ads & Interest Marketing improved the quality score of their ads that have reduced the cost per clicks and have utilized the budget effectively. The average position of ads and CTR both are increased.

Now, we run their digital marketing campaign effectively with full ROI, which client was expecting while assigning the project to Opal Infotech.