How To Grow Your Business Post COVID-19 Scenario?

Pre-COVID-19 Marketing Strategy 

During the Pre-COVID condition, business marketing had lots of options to promote and sell the products. People were travelling and participating in exhibitions, meeting with buyers to close the deals, personal interactions, phone calls, etc. There were also the referral selling through various channels and resources. Digital marketing was also among them to get the source of business orders. Thus the entire business sale was segmented in various proportions with different channel shares.  

Some people were highly reliant on traditional ways of marketing products like newspaper ads, industry magazine classifieds, corporate & charity events and outdoor media advertisements like billboards & hoardings. In spite of the fact that these tools are less effective in today’s digital world, people were spending a big share of their marketing budget.

COVID-19 Impacts on Businesses 

COVID-19 Pandemic has a great impact on world businesses and the majority of the businesses are been lockdown now except few like FMCG, Pharma & Healthcare and Media. Nobody knows how long this situation lasts. Yet we expect to get it over soon, though probably it may take another 8-10 months to get the situation stable and next 2-3 months are crucial which will decide the way the industries will move. 

But one thing is sure that post-COVID-19 many things are going to be changed for businesses in terms of, the way business processes are handled till now and then after, new business initiation and continuation, the business approach and the way we interact with our buyers and sellers, product promotion strategies and many more drastic changes you will see in coming days. 

business implications of Covid19

How to Grow Business Post-COVID19? 

Conventional marketing methods will no more effective until the Coronavirus situation gets end. People will be scared of meeting with clients or prospective buyers to whom they are not knowing and may avoid social gatherings for a certain period of time. Exhibitions may not be held and even if they hold, Companies may not participate till the Corona effects get nullified completely. 

No personal business selling is feasible as there is a risk of getting Corona infection and it doesn’t seem to get ease in the situation for at least 2-3 months more and even after that aftershock fears may keep businesses away from personal meetings. 

No Referral Orders have made the situation worst as every business is under a lockdown situation. So how your business will sustain and how you can push it towards the growth along with all these odds that can be a barrier to your progress. 

Grow your business with digital marketing solutions

The one and only solution is digital marketing

Those businesses who allocated a large portion of their budget in digital marketing from a long period before COVID-19, they will get benefits of that as they have already invested and established their visibility on the internet, and those who have invested in digital marketing but had considered with minimum aspects, then they will be pushed to think positively to increase their budget allocation as all other promotional channels have been disturbed and will be in inactive mode at least certain period of time. So digital marketing is now only the hope that can give a new life to your business. 

Another important aspect of digital marketing is its cost-effectiveness. As compared to traditional marketing it is cheaper and it also allows audience targeting and result tracking. Besides, Digital Marketing is highly effective for branding as compared to conventional marketing like Exhibitions. Frequency of visibility is an important element for brand registration in the minds of customers. Because of the limited or one time visibility, a traditional marketing tool like exhibitions and newspaper ads can only provide short term brand registration. On the other hand, digital marketing effectively leads to long term branding. 

Why Digital Marketing Services

What is there in the bunch of Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is different business promotion strategies using organic resources and paid resources for gearing up your business. It includes various efforts and each has its own importance. They have been explored in brief to have insight. 

1) Search Engine Optimization: The oldest digital promotion technique to optimize websites for better visibility to a large audience searching for their needs on the internet. This digital strategy helps businesses to list on top for greater chances of your buyers to tap you first. This digital channel is free but needs more technical knowledge to make your business above your competitors. SEO is a continuous process and seems slow as compared to other paid resources but gives amazing results over a period of time. You neither have to pay for getting buyers nor have to pay anything for getting conversions. It only needs you to be associated and hire a good SEO agency.

2) Google Ads: This is the best-paid marketing channel to put your business on the top page from the first day of the promotion. As per the behaviour of this paid campaign, you need to pay only as and when the user clicks on your website link to visit. Thus based on this, it is also called pay per click (PPC). As it gives feasibility to promote your business to specific geographical area/s, this is the most preferred digital channel by companies to promote their businesses worldwide. There are a lot many features that can be customized as per your business requirement for which you can consult the best agency for paid marketing. 

Digital Marketing Tools

3) Google Remarketing:  Google remarketing is the way of showing ads across the internet to people who have already visited your website earlier. It is one of the most effective tools that offer a great reach to potential customers and provide higher opportunities for conversions. Google Remarketing is an extremely powerful tool for brand building because of its targeted approach. Moreover, it is easy to measure the performance of the campaign. 

4) Google Interest Marketing: With the help of Google Interest Marketing businesses can reach their target audience through Google display network. These ads are displayed to the people who are frequently surfing the content similar to the products and services offered by your business. Most importantly, Google Interest Marketing enables businesses to display their ads to prospective customers visiting their competitor’s website. 

5) Google Shopping Ads: When people search for a product on Google, they are presented with Google Shopping Ads along with the search results. In other words, they are paid product placements that display high-quality images and other important information like product title, price, website name, etc. In today’s fast-paced world, people prefer quick and top results hence, products Google Shopping Ads increases the chances of conversions. 

6) Social Media Marketing: As a result of the wide user base and the immense popularity of social media, it has become a very effective marketing platform today. Social Media Marketing helps in boosting brand recognition as it gives a chance to engage with a broad audience. With higher visibility, the businesses get more opportunities for conversion. In addition, Paid Marketing on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a very cost-effective marketing strategy. 

7) Alibaba Promotion: Today, Ecommerce has effectively replaced the local markets. E-commerce websites like Alibaba are new business venues. However, it is not easy to get the desired results immediately as there is a large number of sellers selling similar products. With the help of Alibaba promotions like Alibaba Ranking Optimization can help businesses to improve the rankings of their products on Alibaba, leading to more opportunities for revenue generation and profit. 

Do Your Business Needs Website Reconstruction? 

Web Design and Development will also be an important aspect now while digital marketing will prevail at its supremacy post-COVID. If your website is not updated with the latest features following the website standards or if it is not containing the latest and unique information, which visitors are looking for, then it will neither attract users nor will get stability on promotional media. So that also to be considered post-COVID business treatment. 

Why Choose Opal Infotech for Your Business Promotion? 

Opal Infotech is a proven digital marketing company that has given many innovative digital solutions to thousands of businesses across the globe since 1999. We have many solid reasons to recognize our efficiency in this digital world. Few of them are- 

  • We have 20+ years of experience in providing web development and digital marketing solutions with industry experts. And this is the reason that even during the 2008 recession, we able to sustain and grow our client’s business. As such we have gone through this recession cycle earlier with proven success, we are confident enough to bring out new opportunities for your business with our promotion strategies.

  • Our core team leaders are Google Certified and having a minimum of 8-10 years of experience in the respective field, where they serve. So they can understand your business needs preciously to develop and promote on various platforms. 
  • There is no alternative then technology upgrade and knowledge updates are what we believe in with continuous enhancing our expertise. 
  • We are a recognized Google Premier Partner assures to deliver the best beyond the expectation. 

Why Opal Infotech for digital marketing

Thus the best way to move your business forward aggressively with our consultation, while your competitors are sleeping. 

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the market landscape in many ways. The effectiveness of conventional marketing solutions has decreased because of their unavailability and lockdown situation worldwide. On the other hand, digital marketing tools like search engine optimization, Google Ads, Google Remarketing, Google Interest Marketing, Google Shopping Ads, Social Media Marketing and Alibaba Promotions have emerged as the most effective marketing solutions. Considering the current situation and forecast, Digital marketing is the way ahead for businesses to promote their products and services.