Thanks To The Real Heroes Fighting COVID-19

The world has witnessed many horrifying events like natural calamities, world wars and economic recessions in the past. However, none of these events affected every part of the world like the Coronavirus pandemic. In reality, the Coronavirus disease has stopped the world. In the majority of countries, people are forced to stay in their homes. In the absence of any vaccine, social distancing and self-isolation are some of the most effective ways to stop the spread of Coronavirus, hence the authorities all around the world are forced to impose lockdowns.

As per medical researchers and health experts, staying at home is the best way to avoid Coronavirus infection. However, life is not that easy for everyone. When most of the population all around the world are staying home with their families to be safe, real superheroes like doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, utility providers, social volunteers, health care workers, bankers and emergency workers are working hard to make life easy for others. To ensure people’s safety and comfort, these front line works are giving priority to their duties over their personal health and life.

The Severity of Coronavirus Pandemic

The first case of Coronavirus was documented in December, 2019 in China and since then, it has been spreading rapidly all around the world. As of writing this article, there are 18,12,734 confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide with 1,13,675 deaths (As per the WHO website). Moreover, this infectious disease has spread across 213 countries, areas and territories. In short, Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost all parts of the world.

Covid19 Cases WHO


Initially, China was the most affected country having more than 80,000 cases. However, because of certain preventive measures and the right actions, they were successful in minimizing the spread of Coronavirus and it led to a sharp decrease in a new number of cases in China. After China, Italy became the new epicentre of Coronavirus and it surpassed China in terms of the number of cases. Currently, the USA is the most affected country having more than 5,00,000 cases of Coronavirus and 23,649 deaths. Below information on the most affected countries and the number of Coronavirus cases gives an idea about its severity.

Country Wise Cases


Frontline Workers – Real Heroes on duty

Today, everyone is aware of the Coronavirus disease and its implications. People all around the world are staying at home for the safety of themselves and their families. However, in the majority of the cases, these selfless workers have had to cut themselves off from their families and loved ones to keep them safe. All the front line workers like doctors, nurses and paramedics are working hard to save patients. Similarly, Police and other emergency workers are also working hard to manage the situation. Considering the situation, all of these workers are prioritizing their duty over their personal life.

Healthcare Workers Cannot Stay Home

It needs the courage to stay away from your loved ones and family in such a difficult time. And, we have been listening to many stories on how these real-life heroes have been serving the mankind selflessly. There have been reports of many of these workers resuming work quickly after the death of their loved ones due to Coronavirus disease. In a recent incident, a nurse was seen crying on seeing her small daughter after a week. Even in that situation she chose to see her from a safe distance. There are hundreds of such stories worldwide reiterating that the front line workers are the real heroes on duty.

Delivering the Best in Extreme Working Conditions

Especially in the underdeveloped countries, there have been numerous reports about the scarcity of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Kits, which protects medical workers from getting infected from the virus. However, the doctors, nurses, and paramedics have been taking care of infected patients without giving a second thought. It has also been reported in several countries that due to an increasing number of cases and limited resources, these healthcare workers have been working for up to 18 hours a day.

Working in Extreme Conditions

Besides police, utility providers and other emergency workers are putting long hours to ensure that the situation remains under total control. In many countries around the world, these workers are also seen helping citizens in delivering their necessities and providing food to needy people. In addition, they have been seen spreading awareness and positivity in people during this tough time.

Inspiring Stories of Corona Warriors

Dr.Liu was one of the doctors sent to Wuhan in late January to help in the treatment of over ten thousand COVID-19 infected patients. As per the details shared by him, when he reached Wuhan it looked like a deserted city. He was deployed to the isolation ward in the Wuhan Central Hospital. He was in charge of 8 to 10 patients, working for almost 8 to 10 hours every day. Moreover, the mode of transmission of the disease was unclear so he was very nervous. It used to take him 90 minutes to put on and put off all protective clothing, and it is not possible to take food or water after wearing the protective clothing. Besides, he had to use adult diapers as it wasn’t possible to visit the bathroom during that time. Dr.Liu was able to see his wife and his seven-year-old son from the bus window when he arrived in his home town. Since then, he was in touch with his family via video call only as he had to go under quarantine after returning to his hometown.

Corona Warriors

Dr. Nayak is working among coronavirus patients in a hospital in Bhopal, India. As a doctor he understands the severity of the coronavirus disease and the importance of his availability to treat the patients. These days, Dr. Nayak doesn’t go home after finishing his work at the hospital. Instead, he has made his car as a home. He decided to take this step to protect his wife and child from the possibility of getting an infection. After finishing work Dr.Nayak stays in his car parked near the hospital. He has stocked the daily use items and he stays in touch with his family via phone or video calls.

Tributes To The True Super Heroes

People all around the world are showing love and respect for all the Frontline workers fighting COVID19. In most of the lockdown countries, people have been thanking all the health & emergency workers by applauding for their selfless services in this tough time. Besides, all the social media platforms are flooded with thousands of messages expressing gratitude to all these true heroes.

Opal Infotech Thanks All True Heroes

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