Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy for Year 2019

Many IT firms might be planning their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for the New Year and few might already have it ready to execute. There are several factors to consider including how Google and other search engines handle the search requests and how not to get blacklisted.

‘Content’ is likely to be a key strategy for success in 2019. The mobile platform will also play a big role in SEO and how companies develop their strategies. This article gives some SEO strategy tips to keep in mind for 2019.

Search Engine Optimization strategy tips

Here are some tips to create the best SEO strategy for 2019:

  • Content is king:

Content generation was essential and will continue to be essential in 2019. Hence it is necessary to ensure that the website is content rich and also makes use of other channels for content. Other forms of content besides articles like videos, webinars, how to guides, infographics etc are also effective.

Google’s algorithm concerning content has undergone changes in 2018 and hence only content that is of high quality and in-depth information about a topic is of some value.

Simply developing loads of content with the aim of generating back-links will not be successful. On the other hand articles on topics that are motivating, solve a problem and are readable will be more effective.

  • Mobile first Indexing:

Since 2018 Google has been using the mobile version to index and rank a website. Indexing is also done on desktop version; however indexing of mobile version is first. Thus, Google gives greater importance to mobile version and it is likely that other search engines will also soon do.

We are likely to find further tweaks to the mobile first algorithm in 2019; hence it is vital to develop a mobile version of your website.

  • Website check using tools:

The first step for SEO is to ensure that a website optimization like no broken-links, missing Meta tags and appropriate page titles. There are also several advanced tools that can ensure it is SEO friendly.

  • Strategies your effort:

Devote time to creation of content, however all that effort is lost if the promotion is not up to the mark. It is necessary to be more creative in promoting content on social channels, using automated tools, spreading the word via alternative methods and being grateful to those who help promote content.

  • Develop a technical strategy:

Besides content, the technical aspect of SEO is also important in 2019. The main issues that matter are speed of a website, how to handle websites using a lot of Javascript (Angular JS, React, etc.) and the mobile aspect too.

  • Look out for voice search & AI:

Voice search is gaining ground even though at this stage there may be only a small percentage of people. This is likely to rise hence it is something to account for. Machine learning algorithms are likely to have a greater impact on SEO too. Thus, a greater effort is necessary to develop unique websites and content.

Customize SEO Strategy for Your Business in Year 2019 and Website Promotion Tips
Customize SEO Strategy for Your Business in Year 2019 and Website Promotion Tips

Search engines often make fine changes to existing rules or introduce new ones. Thus, it is necessary to monitor this and incorporate it into your strategy. Besides which tracking the progress of a website can give useful insight into the success of your Search Engine Optimization strategy. Implementing a good SEO strategy is vital for the success of any business, but at the same time it is also important to be patient and wait for all efforts to bring results.