Case Study – Digital Marketing – A Success Story of Essential Oils Manufacturing Company

The world is full of opportunities and we need to explore this vast arena. Let’s take the example of Vasco De Gama, who wanted to explore the world and ended up finding India. But what if he would have stayed back at home, eating the routine food and stayed content with it? It was his vision to do business with eastern countries and bring spices to Portugal, which made him take the firm decision to lead the expedition. The lesson we get here is that the more you explore, the more opportunities you will find. There are bigger markets with better prices and to benefit yourself, you need to strengthen your vision.

Here is one such success story of the Essential Oils Manufacturing Company, whose vision is to grow and explore more opportunities to lead the market.

Thought: Your one single step can change the face of your future.

Company Background

Years back, the Essential Oils Manufacturing Company approached Opal Infotech. The organization is a leading exporter & manufacturer of 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils in India and across the globe. They have an excellent infrastructure that includes their own R&D department with all the needed certifications of international standards. Beyond this, they provide essential oils for wholesale and private labeling.

Beginning of the Association

Now, one would wonder if a company is already so well established why they need digital marketing and how digital marketing can help in achieving a company’s goal? The most interesting part starts here.

They manufacture the essential oils from raw materials and use best reconstitutions to provide excellent products. They also produce perfumery bases for different industries like Incense Industry, Cosmetics & Soaps, aromatherapy, and many more such industries.

The company had all the elements a well-established company should have but initially, they supplied their wholesale products to traders within the country and this has restricted their brand visibility within the country. It needed to explore the company brand beyond the border markets. The company approached Opal Infotech with the problem which is a common issue among the companies looking for international markets.

Digital Marketers at Opal Infotech listened and understood their marketing issues in detail to cater the perfect solution to their promotional needs.

This is how Opal Infotech associated with the company and initiated SEO efforts on the website, Google Ads & Google Remarketing Campaign at a minimal cost. And the company’s vision to spread their brand on international platforms became the ultimate goal of Opal Infotech to achieve with innovative digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Aspects

Thought: Higher visions lead to higher goals and better fruits.

Aggressiveness with Innovations

This association included a few meetings, where our technocrats met the company’s representatives at different locations. They discussed different strategies needed to take the complete Digital Marketing Campaign to a completely different level with various suggestions to improve the business of the company.

In fact, within two meetings the essential oil manufacturer company had already started for all different kinds of online digital marketing campaigns which included:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a strategic online marketing method that uplifts your website in search criteria organically and based on your website’s user experience.

Their Needs

  • The company asked for an economical strategy for online marketing.
  • They wanted to cover specific countries where companies look for bulk suppliers of essential oils.

Our Suggestions

  • Experts at Opal Infotech suggested SEO strategy for organic listing of their products which is completely based on user’s website experience.
  • Strategic approach towards SEO with focus on products in priority list.

SEO Strategy


  • Overall Traffic increased by 104.37% in the last 1 year.
  • Overall New Users increased by 101.77%.

Overall Traffic Increased 104.37% and All New Users Increased 101.77% in 1 Year

all traffic essential oils manufacturer

Organic Search Traffic Increased 87.96% and Organic New Users Increased 107.46 in 1 Year

organic search traffic progress essential oil manufacturer

Google Ads

The Google Ads is an excellent economic digital marketing where the company has to pay for an ad only if it gets clicked and the user visits their website.

Their Needs

  • They inquired about an economical strategy which would show their visibility across the globe and in specific regions.
  • They were looking for strategy that would bring results in shorter interval of time.

Our Suggestions

  • The client business model is a one time buyer can convert into all-time customer.
  • We suggested for Google Ads since they only had to pay when a buyer clicks on their ads.


  • Our constant efforts resulted in the Average Cost Per Click reduction by 3.48%.
  • Conversions Increased by 1,514.75%.
  • Clicks Increased by 90.47% in last 1 year.

Google Ads Increased Clicks 90.47% and Conversions Increased by 1,514.75%

Google Ads Traffic Progress for Essential and Fragrance Oils Suppliers

Google Ads for Branding

Google Ads for Branding is designed in such a manner that your ads get displayed on top searches when a user is looking or searching for a business service that is similar to yours.

Their Needs

  • The company wanted to keep a track of their competitors and looked for suggestions which would help them draw customer’s attention towards their website.

Our Suggestions

  • Opal Infotech’s Digital Marketing Team suggested them to opt for Google Ads for branding.
  • This lead to an increase in the company’s inquiries as the customers wanting to visit their competitor’s website were drawn on to the company’s site.


  • Conversions Increased by 472.86% in last 6 months.
  • Average CPC reduced by 17.12%.
  • Clicks Increased by 21.48%.

Google Ads for Branding Increased Clicks 21.48% and Goal Conversions Increased 472.86%

Google Ads for Branding Increased Traffic for Resins Menufacturer

Alibaba Services

Alibaba is a B2B platform that already has a list of your competitors offering the same services as yours.

Their Needs

  • They wanted to attract customer’s from all the available channels and platforms across the globe.

Our Suggestions

  • We have observed that client base on Alibaba and Google are seldom different.
  • Buyer’s opting for Alibaba may sometimes not go to Google for bulk purchase and it becomes beneficial if you have an Alibaba account.
  • As a result, Opal Infotech’s Digital Marketing team suggested the company to explore Alibaba channel.

At this stage, our entire team of digital marketing had become so determined, not to leave a single stone unturned for providing the best results to the company. We planned strategies to attract more number of customers from different countries through various channels including Google and other supported platforms. We also provided important suggestions to the company to enhance the website experience for their customers which benefitted them immensely.

Our determination combined with motivation and soon the results started to be seen on all different platforms. The company with complete faith entrusted their web hosting to us and our coalition reinforced to the next level.

Overall Goal Conversion increased by 209.20%

Overall Goal Conversions Increased for Perfume Oils Manufacturer

Thought: Innovations with Excellent Strategies are never wasted.

Our Current Alliance

With more than a decade of association, the company has upgraded its SEO packages along with Google Remarketing and Google Ads.

Excellent results and motivation were two major factors that lead us to consider the implementation of digital marketing strategies in a more aggressive manner.

The company has become more progressive with their wide international presence now. Our previous suggestions had benefitted the company in enhancing the website experience and as a result further the company extended the development process for custom application.

Digital Marketing SEO Strategy Defining at Opal Infotech

A Step Further

In March, as soon as the country was struck with the world pandemic “COVID 19”, businesses stopped growing. In such a state of crisis, the company asked for a solution to keep their business running. Our team of innovative and hardworking web developers customized their website and also developed an outstanding application through which many manual tasks were performed automatically. It also included various exclusive features to smoothen the functioning of the company.

Time had already tested our capabilities and as they say, “Patience Bears Fruits”. And so did the company and eventually, we too received our fruits. After the lockdown was removed, the company started getting orders and boomed with business.

The company has finally entrusted us with developing a new portal for its business in July 2020. To reach up to the expectations our team of web developers has completely immersed themselves in the task.

Thought: Patience Bears Good Fruits.

The Journey Doesn’t End

Our journey of kinship has been full of challenges and it doesn’t end here. Our digital marketing strategy helped the company spread their wings beyond middle man traders and supply the essential oils at wholesale price to the customers and stand in the league of top-notch business entity.

People might think why an already well-established company would need a digital marketing platform. What one doesn’t know is that digital marketing is not just a platform, it is a sea full of opportunities where Opal Infotech envisions can help a lot.