SEO Strategy that Helped Newly Formed Indian Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer to Compete with Global Companies

Businesses do not want to lose out on the hard-earned search engine position when they want to launch a new website or a brand new domain for their existing line of business. An ideal hosting environment can optimize the website to deliver great results. At Opal Infotech, We always feel challenged, when we have to do SEO for a new domain or less known company and here that challenge came when we are being trusted by a newly established organization controlled by new management with heavy investment and seeking opportunities in specialty chemicals manufacturing. We come up with solutions that make a difference. We have a base of customers that rely on our web solutions and digital marketing capabilities for rebranding businesses while we get their ideas and our creativity online. We are presenting a case study of our client for a better understanding.

Background of the Case Study

One of the India-based Companies that deal in Industrial Specialty chemicals putting up a new website for its products. The business was named differently from this website. The evident challenge was that many leaders in the industry had enough visibility as they had years of optimization effort put into it. Some business domains were leading for 15 years or more.  They had gained a position that now our client had to surpass to reach on top and within a short period. This new domain had to figure out ways to reach for higher visibility in Google aggressively and that was a herculean task.

Another aspect was that this had to be done quickly as this new domain website wanted to take advantage of the forthcoming opportunity of exporting specialty chemicals due to the change in Chinese anti-pollution laws. After the pandemic, Chinese imports had touched an all-time low and there was a tremendous opportunity. The export potential was high and the client was keen on capturing it.

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How we went forward to create SEO strategy?

SEO has been a continuous evolvement to stay one move ahead of competitors. While our competitors were faring well we had to focus on the content quality and make it more appealing to the search engines. The high-value content we implemented along with the external backlinks pointing toward the website further improved the client SEO.

The next step we took carefully was strategizing keyword targeting. We aimed to focus on the search queries that could yield the highest traffic to this website. Our SEO experts helped to determine which keywords were the most effective and which ones could be ceded to competitors. Opal Infotech has this quality of adopting a growing trend before competitors can and this time too it worked well in getting the most natural and organic search results. Our client could fetch a high-level look immediately with our optimized keywords and especially the untapped ones where our client had better potential to earn search engine ranking than its competitors. The next step we took was website modifications which meant that SEO worked on the website and started making the necessary changes and edits to rank higher in Google search results.

Business Website Checklist

Time to get SEO Results

In a short time; the client started reaping the benefits of SEO including more brand awareness and amplified visits and inquiries. The organic traffic increased and the SERP visibility increased exponentially. The client was taking orders in full swing as desired or even better. They could encash on the export opportunity and take up big orders.  The client had different customers internationally and there was almost no loss of opportunity because of bounces. The conversion rates were a direct indicator that represented the impact of our SEO strategy implemented. Through the right content and information determining the right type of keywords that helped visitors make an educated decision, we were progressing fantastically.

Organic Traffic Increased Using SEO

Why Opal Infotech can be your Best SEO Partner?

To do SEO for any business it needs to have an understanding of that particular business, products, and applications that we at Opal Infotech have incurred with years of experience. Our expertise in optimizing of fresh Domain website overview helped our client to learn how they could overtake the competitors in increasing their ranking right to the top. The keyword overview targeted the biggest revenue-driving keywords and made a substantial online presence for this domain. At Opal Infotech we first understand your business comprehensively to understand what it needs to stand out from the rest in the market. We want your website and domain to be right on top of the SERPs and get driven by the right audience whose presence can take your business to new heights. As a professional SEO company driven by digital marketing experts, we provide an in-depth analysis of the website and with our SEO services we crack all the major KPIs like keyword ranking, website optimization, and much more. Our specialists analyze every aspect of your business, and website before crafting a custom online marketing strategy and we know it is going to give you the best results.

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